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Ursula Emery McClure, FAAR, 友邦保险, Leed ap + c, a founding partner of emerymcclure architecture 和 in addition to the firm, she also serves as the A. 海斯 Town 教授 in the School of 体系结构 at 路易iana State University. Presently, she serves as graduate coordinator 和 teaches studios in the Masters of 体系结构 program 和 seminar courses that focus on 路易iana culture 和 architecture. She has also served as the Southwest Director for the Association of Collegiate Schools of 体系结构. She studied liberal arts at Washington University in St. 路易 MO with a major in 体系结构 和 a minor in History 和 received a Masters in 体系结构 from the Graduate School of 体系结构, 规划, 和 Preservation at Columbia University, 纽约. Before starting emerymcclure architecture with 迈克尔一个. McClure, Ursula worked in New York for both Wendy Evans Joseph 和 Mitchell Giurgola 架构师. She was a project manager 和 construction administrator for Mitchell Giurgola 架构师 on two large-scale urban schools on Staten Isl和, NY 和 the Manhattan Family Courts Building. 最近, Ursula was awarded the 2013 ARCC Research Paper of the Year Award for her research of historical constructions along the 路易iana Coast 和 two of her graduate students placed in the 2013 ACSA Preservation as Provocation competition.

迈克尔一个. McClure, FAAR, 友邦保险, founding partner of emerymcclure architecture, was raised in rural Pryor OK. In addition to the firm, he currently is the Associate Dean for the College of the Arts 和 教授 in the School of 体系结构 at the University of 路易iana at Lafayette. 教授 McClure joined the faculty in the School of 体系结构 和 Design in 2001. In 2011 he was awarded the UL Distinguished 教授 Award. 他拥有 a MARCH degree from Columbia University 和 a BA in 体系结构 from Washington University in St. 路易. He has taught at Pratt Institute in New York 和 at Tulane 和 LSU here in 路易iana. Throughout his tenure at UL McClure has made significant contributions to the architecture program winning advising awards 和 initiating studies with his students into ways of integrating architecture with the specific conditions of coastal 湿地. Before starting emerymcclure architecture with Ursula, Michael worked for Karen Bausman 和 Associates, Gluckman Mayner 架构师, 和 罗伯特一个.M. 斯特恩.

Sarah 年轻的 is an assistant professor at UL Lafayette’s School of 体系结构 和 Design. She has taught a variety of courses ranging from foundation design studios to graduate level history courses, both in face-to-face 和 online classroom settings. Outside of her experience as a teacher, she has professional experience in residential design, commercial design, 和 urban planning. Sarah has organized 和 participated in international 设计竞赛. She strives for an architecture that stewards 和 reveals the human condition.

Kristi Cheramie is an associate professor at Ohio State Univeristy's Austin E. Knowlton School of 体系结构 和 chair of undergraduate studies in l和scape architecture. She has received numerous awards 和 fellowships, including the J.K. Branner Traveling Fellowship in support of her master's thesis at the University of California, Berkeley 和 EDRA Place Research Awards in 2008 和 2011 for work on rural l和scapes in central California 和 coastal 路易iana. In 2011, with support from the National Endowment of the Arts, she led an interdisciplinary team in the documentation of coastal communities compromised by l和 loss, sea level rise 和 competing industrial interests. Currently Cheramie is leading one of three finalist teams in Future Ground, 和 international design competition hosted by the Van Alen Institute, where her team is developing long-range, 灵活的 design 和 policy strategies for vacant l和 in New Orleans, transforming ab和oned l和scapes into resources for the current 和 future city.

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